Our settlement Szegvár is found in the south of Hungary, in Csongrád county, on the left bank of the river Tisza.

The dance-groups have been operating continuously since 1964 in the village in order to show the "Magyar Falu" /"Hungarian Village"/ in its genuineness and hand its culture and traditions down to the younger generations.

The DOBBANTO Folk-dance Group operates with about 150 numbers of participants from the age of 6 to the adults. With our Child- and Adult-groups we participate in leading proffessional introductions, festivals with good results, we had a succes with our performances in the international folklor festivals in many countries of Europe.

The basic of our dances is the authentic folklor, in our performances are represented the folk-dance treasures and the traditional dresses of Hungary and Transylvania.

The accompaniment of our dances is ensured by the "Hírös" folkmusic ensemble.